UptimeHost's platform is based on clustered cloud computing which enables us to provide the fastest most reliable web hosting on the planet!

1. Increased Reliability!
In the event that a server fails within our cloud, our load balancers will automatically detect the failure and send traffic to the fastest available server. This means even when a web server is down, your site will continue to load.

2. It's fast, all the time!
It's common to see server loads in a single-server environment affect every customer due to a few users -- whether this is legitimate traffic such as being listed on Digg or malicious. With our clustered cloud technology, we're able to distribute traffic to several dozen servers to handle the traffic versus just a single-server. When we feel that our cloud needs more power, we simply add another server on-the-fly.

Example: 12 Quad Core Servers and 4GB of ram = 48 Cores and 48GB of Ram available to the Cloud.

3. Fewer Embarrassing Suspensions
Most web hosting providers suspend customers for excessive use, usually following a recent listing on Digg, StumbleUpon or other media outlet. All this does is ruin your chances at becoming successful. With our cloud technology, your hosting account will allow you to sustain such listings and stay fast.

Note: Hosting accounts with malacious activity, exploits, etc will still be suspended in the best interest of the customers.

4. Increased MySQL Performance!
MySQL requests are sent to a purpose-built MySQL server that is built with performance and redundancy in mind. The resources are 100% allocated to performing and serving queries, 24/7. On a single-server environment, this is on the same server that does the mail, php processing, slowing down response times for executing queries. Our MySQL server features Dual Quad Core CPU's, Minimum 8GB of Memory and boasts high-performace 15K RPM SAS hard drives in a RAID-10 array.

5. Familiarity is nice. cPanel control panel.
cPanel is the world's leader in web hosting automation software and users love their graphical intuitive interfaces allowing for easy management of their web hosting account. With our cloud, you'll still be able to enjoy cPanel with the added benefits of our clustered platform.

6. Dedicated Servers? Why? The cloud is better!
Many customers think that a dedicated server will solve all their problems, they couldn't be more wrong! With our clustered cloud web hosting you will be able to scale your account as you grow and have access to resources that your dedicated server would not be able to provide you because of physical limits. Our system will automatically scale with your demand and that's the only time you'll pay more for hosting too!

Take for example, you run an e-commerce store that is busy during the holiday season, which gets your site busy. Your host has decided to upgrade you to a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server, resulting in you paying more every month instead of just during the busy season. Sounds unfair right? We think it is! With Uptimehost, your hosting account will automatically scale to continue serving without affecting other customers and then automatically de-scale when the busy season is over, reducing your bill as well. Why pay more, when you don't need to!

7. Sophisticated Snapshot Backup System.
Uptimehost operates a world-class storage area network, which features a sophisticated snapshot backup system. With our service, your data will be backed up every hour and retained for every 2 hours, 2 days and 2 weeks for your retrieval. There is no intervention by our staff and is available to the customer in real-time. Ask your host how often they back up their data for you!